Since his performance at TEDx Nijmegen 2013, Andre has been a regular keynote speaker at corporate events, networking events and conferences. ‘Ideas worth spreading’ is exactly what he would like to contribute to.

Andre Heuvelman as keynote speaker

By now, Andre has done many keynote speeches for large and smaller businesses. As a keynote speaker, Andre shares his life story, based on passion, adversity, perseverance and agility, but he also shares great anecdotes about his inspiring life as a top musician and innovator for his orchestra. Ziggo, EY, KPN, The Dutch Paralympic team and the municipality of Rotterdam enjoyed Andre’s inspiring story and music already.

What does a good keynote speaker do?

A good keynote speaker touches, takes you on a journey of his story or vision and incites for action or thinking. A good keynote speaker invites you to look at things from a different perspective. That is exactly what Andre does with his keynote speeches. Time and again, his audience gets deeply touched by the power of his vulnerability, his music that goes straight to the soul and the way Andre takes his audience from head to heart in only a few seconds.

Activities as keynote speaker

Andre performed at Ziggo, Hay Group, KPN and he was a keynote speaker at the Radboud UMC, at the European Listening and Healthcare Conference, where he discussed the theme ‘Listening in Healthcare’, with the support of his music.

Each time as a keynote speaker, he notices the power of the combination of his life and themes such as agility, passion, independence, innovation, high performance and human leadership. As he plays his trumpet to support his story, his words and music go straight to the soul and touch deeply. It is that very combination that causes people to be vulnerable and share their own stories. Andre enjoys the moment when people take off their masks because of his stories and music, from their vulnerability and knowing their own handicaps. And with a leading theme: ‘what is your trumpet, what is that very thing you can always trust?’.

Andre is liaised with Speakers Academy and Quality Bookings.

Get in touch with Andre

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