Pause to listen to your own key note, your own inner sound. It sounds simple.

Yet it’s often overlooked. As tone-master, I translate your true sound to the outside world. Do you hear it?


Keynote Speaker

Keynotes on topics such as resilience, passion, self-reliance, innovation, high performance and leadership. I bring my story and make it resonate with my trumpet. Authentic tones touch listeners so deeply that they open up and want to share their own stories. A new sound flows.

‘Andre touches people. With music and with words. Connect, let yourself be touched. Surrender to it.’

Alfred Möller, Owner Möller Autoschade Groep, Autozone010, 9Classics

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

From a creative mind and a beginner’s mindset, I challenge participants to step beyond the limits of their assumptions. As MC of the day, I look for interaction and authenticity. From a mission to inspire and move, I ask questions that are sometimes so obvious, yet no one asks them anymore. People who are not usually inclined to speak up find themselves invited and willing to do so.

Together, the client and I compose the program, based on a shared confidence to travel with the audience, the speakers and everyone who contributes.

As a musician I have made many unique programs for large audiences; as MC of the day, I stimulate and question deeply. Moreover, together with my trumpet, I take the audience into a world where tone is the master.

Why does this work? The formal, often deterring professionalism between people falls away. This is a must, to make a real difference.


This is what impact sounds like. If you ask me as a musician to perform, you can be confident the audience will be deeply touched. Solo or together with other musicians, music moves. It makes a lasting impression.

Do you want to make a difference for your audience, your team, your guests?

Inquire about the possibilities, share your ideas with me and together we will create a customized program. Impact guaranteed.