Pause to listen to your own key note, your own inner sound. It sounds simple.

Yet it’s often overlooked. As tone-master, I translate your true sound to the outside world. Do you hear it?


The blank page, the silence, the nothingness. If you trust the moment, you will feel the energy and hear your tone. The ‘key note’, your true sound, finds its way into form.

I am the conductor of the silence, making the inaudible tangible, until a form is created. A form that connects and brings people, organizations and brands in action.

The composition? From intuition and a beginner’s mindset, I like to let ideas, concrete concepts and compositions, impactful arrangements or vlogs emerge.

Discover what can arise out of nothingness

Discover what can arise out of nothingness, when I, as the tone master, take control of the silence; when I create. Do you have an idea? Or no idea? Call or email.