As tone-master, I take silence as a starting point and offer you a different perspective.

What are your motivations?
What is your key note?

Together, while slowing down, you become detached from your environment. From these building blocks of nothingness, you experience the space and incentive to take a stand; to determine a new direction.

You see clearly what was previously obscure and are able to distinguish what’s important, from what is not. You discover how you can make a meaningful impact. You find your own tone, in the broadest sense of the word. You tune in, listen and connect.

Keywords in my coaching, inspiration sessions and lectures are resilience, passion and perseverance. The results of that commitment are poignancy, connection, inspiration and creation. Something is now transformed, because the tone has been set, through my presence but above all, mainly in yourself.

Beyond the musician and the instrument, there is silence.

How do you enter this open space? As tone-master I create a safe setting for stepping in and discovering your true tone.