Discover your true tone for a meaningful impact.

As a small child, I already had a great love for making music. The trumpet came my way by chance but due to a congenital handicap (a too short forearm and a weak wrist), this instrument was a big challenge.

Through my tenacity and desire for what I wanted to achieve in music, I mastered the instrument. I reached the world’s top: soloist trumpeter of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (known for special concerts in the world’s most beautiful concert halls) and member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble (with several state visits by the Royal Family). I still regularly give masterclasses and I am a guest teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts.

My life story is special. It’s the reason I have been asked regularly to tell it as a keynote speaker, both nationally and internationally. For several years now, at summits and corporate events I share my story, accompanied by my trumpet. Demonstrating vulnerability and enthusiasm, in combination with my powerful music, audiences are repeatedly challenged to stand on their own podium.

A few years ago, I noticed a pattern emerging in this combination. In addition to playing the right musical notes with my trumpet, I continued to develop as tone-master. Relaxing into silence, while listening to melodic music, takes my audience to a place of vulnerability. This stimulates their intrinsic motivation to make a meaningful impact, regardless of which stage or playing field they are on every day. As tone-master, I disconnect people from their environment, stimulating them to take a stand and determine a new direction. I help them to distinguish with more clarity what is important for them, and what is not, by discovering their true tone for creating change.

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