Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Sinds 1990, Andre plays trumpet at the Rotterdam Philharmonic and since 1997, he is solo trumpet for this modern orchestra with its roots in the tradition of classical music and the power of the home town of Rotterdam. The orchestra plays all over the country and abroad and it is famous for combining classical music and disciplines such as visual arts, film or dance. Both great names and young talent find a beautiful stage with this orchestra and that is why this orchestra fits Andre like a glove.

Visit the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra’s website.

Dutch Wind Ensemble

For over 25 years, Andre has been a member of the Dutch Wind Ensemble, a group of twenty top musicians who gather around 80 times a year to play amazing programs in their home country and abroad. A common sense of inspiration and adventure drives the Dutch Wind Ensemble to create theatre music programs who cannot be labeled easily, which is typical for Andre as well. Each January, the Dutch Wind Ensemble plays the New Years Concert that is broadcasted on Dutch television.

Visit the Dutch Wind Ensemble’s website.

Codarts Rotterdam – University of the Arts

For about 20 years now, Andre has been main teacher trumpet at the Rotterdam University of the Arts Codarts. For this organisation, he balances his own approach with the rules and ideas of young musicians about what a life in music looks like.

Visit the Codarts’ website.

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