Andre is a trumpet player and performer for your events. He provides connection and motivation during strategy sessions and (client) events. Apart from that, he is a creative advisor, a concept creator and a program developer for the (team) leadership development  of your people.

Andre’s music touches you instantly and his performance takes the audience from head to heart. His story is unique and he takes the audience in by coming close and by creating dialogue. By doing so, he creates a huge impact and he incites action. During development programs, Andre stimulates intrinsic motivation by letting your people shine and by listening thoroughly to what happens within the organisation.

In any case, his contribution goes beyond that. Andre is keen on generating ideas for your high impact event. He knows exactly what it takes to touch, connect and inspire the audience and after all, these are reasons for you to organise your events.

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Noor Cloo

Noor Cloo

Director Marketing / Ziggo

“There was an incredible silence in the audience during Andre's performance at our strategy session. The audience was listening carefully to Andre's impressive life story. The resilience he showed and the way he showed his own vulnerability were incredibly touching, especially when he played his wonderful music. It was a memorable gathering.”

Huib Broekhuis

Huib Broekhuis

Managing Director / VDS Training Consultants

“Like no other, Andre is capable to get an essential message across when he plays his music and touches people deeply by doing so."

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