Music activates humanity



Andre has an enthusiastic drive and endless ideas to connect people in today’s society. Some examples:

Foundation Alive!

builds bridges with excellent music between the ambitions of civilians, the corporate world and local communities. Andre is the artistic leader and the founder of this foundation. His initiative and event “Night chatter” is one of the many ideas that takes place annually without being supported by the government. “Night chatter” is an extraordinary evening with music and connection. Other successful initiatives are Toon! Veenendaal, Classic at the Grift, U&i for Warchild and secretly Live!.

More information here.

We create school!

is a project for high schools, where children find out during art and music workshops who they are, what they are good at and what they consider to be important in their interaction with each other. The objective: a safe and pleasant atmosphere with clear understandings, so each child can excel at school in its own personal way and at its own individual level.


is Andre’s initiative for the inhabitants of the city of Rotterdam to connect them in a special way to ‘their’ Rotterdam and all beautiful things that happen over there. In the meantime, weR. has gained an increasing group of enthousiastic fans and the platform is supported.

weR.’s website here.

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