The world around us is changing rapidly. Yesterday’s news is different today. Younger people build huge platforms and they have another way of working. First a platform, then a product. They have got different drivers. Not just financially, but based on meaning: they want to make a difference. They do not want to deliver, but contribute. Innovator Andre is fascinated by innovation: how do you make an organization or company, product or service sustainable? Sustainability and innovation: Andre’s fascination, captured in two words.

What does a good innovator do?

Does a good innovator wrap existing products differently, or does he come up with new products? Or does innovation mean that you look at the values why you exist? Reflection on these topics might be the key to innovation. Re-validating the drive and the why. Innovation is nothing more than making room for people and things within an organization. That very space enables new values to be discovered. Values that originate behind the products or services on offer now.

In our communication and marketing, we often tell how good we are at certain things. Sometimes even better than our competition, while our clients have passed that stage of marketing a long time ago. They simply assume everyone has the best product. To serve the client, we need something else. It is important to create ownership so clients want to join your brand, as they feel connected to it. That is the essence of innovation: feeling connected to your product, both inside and outside your organization.

Activities as innovator

Andre’s contribution as innovator is mainly about chasing and connecting to that change. He does so at the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, an orchestra that is used to address artistic value first. Andre is an active member of this orchestra as well, as solo trumpet.

When the concert hall is filled with 2,000 people, the orchestra thinks the audience wants to hear that beautiful Beethoven piece. But could the very room be filled with 400 people who suffer from chronic pain (20% of the European citizens suffers from chronic pain) and could they come to this concert in order to have no pain for two hours? When you realize this, it addresses another value. A different – and innovative – business model. Another drive, while you do exactly the same.

Where you stumble, lies your treasure. Let’s imagine that you actually know this about our client, market, employees, colleague, family and so on. Imagine that we look at value rather than broadcasting our message. By doing so, we will be contributing instead of delivering. And then you are really talking about innovation.

Get to know Andre as innovator

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